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Certainteed Window Reviews

Browse CertainTeed window reviews from homeowners and past clients who have used the products and have a viewpoint on customer service etc. Calculate your replacement window cost.

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CertainTeed vs Amerimax

I installed Amerimax windows in vinyl and I am so happy with them, that was back in 2005. I did look at the other options - CertainTeed, Milgard, Window World. While the Amerimax are slightly higher in price compared to CertainTeeds and Milgards. they are quieter, they look good and they have helped lower my electricity bill. The double hung options are so easy to clean with their simple tilting action.

Larry - Past Client From California, 2009

Metal Industries

Metal Industries purchased the window division of CertainTeed back in 2009. Since then their service has declined and the windows are of poor quality. I will not recommend CertainTeed to customers, my recommendation would be Simonton windows.

2009 - Jeremy a Contractor from Virginia

Drafts and Leaks

I am a builder with ten years' experience. I built my own home and the biggest mistake I made was installing CertainTeeds. Even though I did a lot of research, these were my top choice. Now I am stuck with windows that let in all the air, you would think they were open all the time. I have called on numerous occasion and eventually they sent someone to my home. They claimed the windows were working fine, so much for the warranty. I then found out they are not CertainTeed at all, they sold out their window division. I would not recommend these windows to anyone.

2009 - Simon a Home Builder from Ohio

CertainTeed or Harvey

We're in the process of adding an addition to my home in Connecticut and I am trying to decide between CertainTeed and Harvey. At the moment the house has CertainTeeds which are from the early 2000's and I am not sure they still make them. Whatever I put in the addition must match the rest of the house. Can you offer some advice on whether Harvey is the better choice?

2010 - Emily a Homeowner from Connecticut

[Contractor Reply]

In my opinion Harvey is a good choice, I have never had serious problems with them. I have always found CertainTeed to be a low quality product and very poor quality.

2010 - Jarred an Installer

Denali - Garden Window

Does anyone have any thoughts or feedback on the CertainTeed Denali Garden window? I haven't been able to find much information online though they have been recommended by one of the contractors I spoke to.

2010 - Eric a Homeowner

[Contractor Reply]

I would suggest you try Sunrise or Simonton to ensure you are happy with the windows. CertainTeed is a brand I will not use. They have been sold to a number of companies and I don't think they will be around in a year or two. Rather be safe than sorry.

2010 - Tony a Contractor

CertainTeed or United or BF Rich

Can someone shed some light on which is the right choice for my replacement project in New Jersey? I have obtained quotes on United 700 series, BF Rich windows the CertainTeed Bryn Mawrs for a double slider, two picture windows, four casements and a nine foot patio door. I have reviewed the quotes but they look very similar, they all offer similar features and warranties which has left me unsure on where to go from here.

2010 - Mandy a Homeowner from New Jersey

[Contractor Reply]

I must admit I am not very keen on the CertainTeed products which are now made by MI windows. United is a middle of the range window and I don't know that much about BF Rich. What I can tell you is that a lot will depend on your contractor.

2010 - Julian a Contractor

[2nd Contractor Reply]

I have only used CertainTeed once and that was due to a customer requesting them specifically and I'll never use them again. I can recommend United, they are popular in New Jersey and are durable windows. In fact they are what I have used on my own home.

2010 - Wade a Contractor

CertainTeed Window Reviews

I wouldn't recommend CertainTeeds, find another window manufacturer. We've had nothing but problems after installing these windows a few years ago. The problems began about three months after installation. There was no insulation and the rooms were so cold the windows had frost on the inside. We had a builder come in, he added new insulation and reflashed the windows which made absolutely no difference. Eventually a dealer came out and claimed we were the cause of the frost, it was our body heat, have you ever heard anything so ridiculous? Even though we barely use the rooms where we have had some of the problems, it's our body heat causing the frost. Stay away, use another window company.

2011 - Daniel a Homeowner

CertainTeed Alliance Connection

Alliance was formed a few years ago when CertainTeed stopped licensing agreements with other manufacturers, since then the CertainTeed quality has dropped dramatically. Now Alliance windows are better than CertainTeeds even though they are a middle range window. The Alliance Hawthorne window is a better choice than the CertainTeed Bryn Mawr III, even though they are considered the same.

2011 - Chris an Installer

CertainTeed or Sunrise or Simonton

I am a little wary of CertainTeed lately after recent information about quality control, even though the Bryn Mawr windows look good. This means I am in a sticky situation trying to decide between the Sunrise, Simonton 5500 or the CertainTeed Bryn Mawr III. I am impressed with the Simontons, they are affordable with a choice of upgrades, two of the series appeal to me the Impressions and the Reflections. Then Sunrise offer a good finish and a superb warranty.

2011 - Mitchell a Contractor from Delaware

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