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Polaris Windows Reviews

Read Polaris window reviews from homeowners and contractors to discover the quality of their products, as well as Polaris windows prices.

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Polaris Ultraweld vs. Soft-Lite Windows

: Hi tom, just got a bid from polaris from universal windows direct. They say they are Ultraweld and is the same window as the soft lite guy. Triple pane, low e,3 windows 3400! I thought they looked nice. Thanks

Bandy - Homeowner - from 2017

Editor's Reply

Bandy, the Polaris Ultraweld window is not the same window as a Soft-Lite window. However, perhaps what he meant is that the Polaris Ultraweld is the equivalent of probably the Soft-Lite Imperial LS window. Both are excellent windows, however paying $1100 per window sounds very high to me. I would absolutely get additional bids from two to three other local companies in order to compare the prices and see what else is out there. Cheers.

Tom - Site Editor - from 2017

Polaris Windows vs Sunrise Windows

It's been a bit like trying to evaluate a "good, better and best" mattress!!! Most of the "sellers" I've met ... had an earlier life that involved a small pea ... 3 empty shells ... and quick hands!!! If it was MY house that YOU were building ... and these products were all available to YOU ... at a FAIR install price ... and in 5 years, YOU GOT the $$$ I saved in ENERGY costs (Best / Worse), and you knew I liked CASEMENTS ... didn't need "grids" ... wanted some interior/exterior color options ... working hardware, screens, and the full compliment of warranty, gas, dual panes, reflective coatings, good spacers, fiberglass or virgin vinyl frames (uni-body construction > like car ads), etc. ... where would YOU put MY money???

Gorell, Polaris, Sunrise, Soft Lite, StarMark (OKNA), Simonton. If you're playing the game, please, just rank them ...1(top) through 7 ... share w/ me the Series #, too, if you can. I've got 30+ windows, 2 sliding doors ... and I was complaining to my wife, earlier, about Kitchen Cabinetry and Counter Tops!!! Easy ... in comparison.

JP - Homeowner - from 2013

[Contractor Response]

JP, I understand that it can be confusing because everyone has different opinions. The answer is 50% windows, 50% installation. So go with one of these vinyl window companies - Okna, Soft-Lite, Sunrise, Polaris, Gorell, Amerimax -- in that order...hopefully they service your area -- where are you located? As to series/model obviously the top of the line from each is the best, but if it were me and I was looking for the best value for my buck, I'd go with the mid range product (same frame, less bells and whistles).

I like the Okna 500 Series, the Sunrise Verde or Vanguard, Soft-Lite Imperial Pro LS, Thermaweld from Polaris and Gorell 5100. Cut costs per window by going with normal hardware instead of brushed nickel etc -- go with a good glass package (upgrades here are worth it). Installation is 50% so make sure you do your due diligence here (I like to call the manufacturer and ask them how long the person servicing the area has been in business etc.). You have to get a good feeling that they don't cut corners and they are going to install properly. Oh and make sure to get three estimates because then you can compare and get a nice apples to apples comparison...Follow this and you should be happy with your windows! Good luck!

Don - Industry Expert - from 2013

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Polaris vs. OKNA Windows

I have been getting estimates together to replace my eighteen openings. So far I have quotes for the Polaris Aspen Elite at $14,900 that is for the cost of the windows & installation. I believe these are good quality windows. The OKNA window prices have come in considerably higher with the Envirostar at $15,500 and the composite Starmark at $17,500. I did some research and have read fantastic reviews on OKNA, which has me leaning in that direction. I am interested in the Polaris and wondered if anyone has any valuable information to share, also if they do a casement window option.

Kyle - Homeowner - from 2013

[Contractor Response]

Polaris windows isn't a popular name, the only thing I can think of is that they are a private label. Maybe they're Thermal Weld, which means they're a B level window, perhaps they're Ultraweld, which then means they are good quality. OKNA makes a fantastic windows when it comes to performance ratings and reviews. I have never had any problems installing OKNA windows and my customers have always been really pleased with the results. For the number of windows you are replacing, your OKNA estimates are excellent.

Corey - Contractor - 2013

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