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Vinyl Window Reviews

Explore and browse vinyl window reviews from knowledgable contractors, installers and homeowners on some of the most populars brands, models and options available.

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Vinyl Windows Reviews

Vinyl windows have increased in popularity in recent years and to be honest there is nothing bad about the material, except that you get really poor quality windows at the lower price range - there are a bunch of companies I could mention but one interestingly is Pella windows. They make great wood clad windows but Pella vinyl models are low quality and not worth the price tag.

The Restoration from Sunrise is impressive. I had them installed on my own property and they were affordable and visually appealing in comparison to many of the others on the market. What worries me is that so many customers rely on the Consumer Report and what they don't realize is that if the windows aren't available from your larger home building supplies store, they don't review them, which means many people don't know about the Sunrise windows. Of course there are the really cheap options, these windows tend to leak caused by inadequate quality control and overall, just bad workmanship on the manufacturers end. You find the higher quality vinyl windows tend to be bulkier (although not always) and have a range of features such as color choices and ventilation latches.

Shaun- Contractor - from 2011

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Vinyl Sliders

Sliders can be a difficult window when it comes to choice. The majority of these windows allow water to run through the "weep" system, which is one of the reasons I would never touch a double hung with a pocket sill. Weep holes should remain clean and clear of any obstructions to work to their full potential, any blocking can cause unwanted leaks.

Nigel - Contractor - from 2011

Sales Tactics

What many people don't know is that Feldco sold the business about six years ago after running for thirty years. Be aware that this company does not make their own vinyl windows, in fact they buy them from Thermal Industries. Even though this is the case, their service isn't too bad. That being said they have some sales tactics that makes me dislike them. The prices offered that appear reasonable are too good to be true, these are poor quality windows. The window is so bad that they won't try and sell them to you, they will try and get you to buy a more expensive brand once they have your interest generated by their fantastic price offer. If you take some time to shop around you can find many good windows at affordable prices, windows that come with energy upgrades and filled frames.

2008 - John an Industry Insider

Maritech Vinyl Windows

I've been talking to the Maritech dealer in Boulder, CO about the Oxford windows. I was really happy with them at first, the lines looked good and and they seemed willing to work with me on the price. I like the vinyl frames reinforced with aluminum, the tracks are aluminum instead of vinyl and have four point rollers and the adhesive between the panes of glass seemed very secure. The salesman was a little pushy, but I kind of expected that so it didn't bother me much. The problem was, my wife saw somewhere that the Oxford triple pane U-factor was 0.30 - 0.34, which was a lot higher than the guy was saying. When I asked about it, he said the NFRC rating was wrong, but when I asked for a spec sheet on the windows he wouldn't give me one. That's one of the first things the other dealer gave me so I could compare different windows. He said that if they gave out spec sheets then other companies would copy their windows. I told them that was stupid, and I just gave up and left. It's ridiculous, I have since found several different brands with better numbers and much smarter sales people, and some are even less expensive than the Maritech windows.

Dan - Homeowner - from 2010

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