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Browse our Amerimax window reviews from past clients and installers who understand their comparative advantages and disadvantages.

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Amerimax Craftsman Portrait vs. Milgard Trinsic

I received a quote for 8 Anlin Catalina/Malibu windows and to remove old windows and install new windows including labor and tax for $8,000. Free upgrade to sound package. Is this high? I'm in Los Angeles, California.

95 X 80 (2) two panel patio doors
71 X 47 (1) two lite slider
96 X 36 (2) three lite slider
48 X 18 (2) two lite slider
24 x 48 (1) kitchen single hung

Jeannie - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jeannie, this is a pretty darn good bid for the 2 slider doors and the three large sliders. I?m always of the opinion that more bids is better in terms of seeing a range of prices and products, but for an Anlin bid, this is quite solid.

Tom - HWRC Editor - from 2020

[Jeannie's Reply]

I also received a bid for Milgard Trinsic for $6,000 total vs. Anlin's $8,000. Is Anlin worth the $2,000 more in window investment?

I think I started a bidding war between Milgard and Anlin.

How about Amerimax? They said they can beat the Anlin quote but not Milgard's. I have a meeting with Amerimax today for a virtual consultation. If you had to choose Amerimax vs Anlin which would you go with? BTW, no one can beat the Anlin quote. I asked 3 other vendors who sell Anlin.

Thank you for your advice.

Jeannie - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

The bid for the Milgard Trinsic is really good, almost too good in fact. I'd have to consider this above the Anlin quote on the price of it.

Amerimax makes quite a good window. Better than Milgard and a smidgen below Anlin I would say. If this were my project, I would strongly consider the Amerimax quote, although it certainly depends on the window series he is selling you.

Tom - HWRC Editor - from 2020

[Jeannie's Reply]

Amerimax quoted $9000 for the craftsman portrait series so I would probably go with Anlin for 8K. I'm thinking of going with Anlin verus Milgard even though it is 2K more. The quality of the window seems much better. I have until today to decide since I did sign a contract with Anlin and I can cancel by tonight.

Thank you!

Jeannie - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jeannie, I agree that the Anlin bid sounds like the best option given what the Amerimax bid is -- a very fair quote for the work involved.

Tom - HWRC Editor - from 2020

Amerimax Craftsman Portrait vs. Soft-lite Classic

Dane, I?m in Colorado we have to replace 9 windows and a sliding glass door. We are replacing 20 year old builder grade vinyl windows on a tract home. I?ve got bids from two dealers Zen Windows and Colorado Window Source.

Zen is offering Soft-lite Classic (Nirvana) For $8,427
Colorado Window Source is offering Amerimax Craftsman Portrait For $6,924

Based on my research I believe both manufacturers and dealers are very good. However, my understanding is that Soft-lite is ?Premium? whereas Amerimax is ?Mid-Range.?

My question is simply this, is Soft-lite Classic worth the extra $1,500? Their U Values and SHGC are virtually the same. The Amerimax is assembled in Colorado there?s a less likely chance of the gas leaking out of the seals. I don?t want to pay $1500 for almost the exact same window. However, I plan on being in this house for a very long time (I?ve already lived in it for 20years). If the Soft-lite is far superior a product, than maybe it?s worth the extra money. Any advice you have would greatly appreciated.

Paul - Homeowner - from 2017

Editor's Reply

Hi Paul, so let me say this -- the Soft-Lite Classic is a good window, but it isn't their premium vinyl window model. The Soft-Lite Imperial LS and the Elements are their best vinyl windows and both are definitely better than the Amerimax Craftsman Portrait.

The Soft-Lite Classic and Pro Series are both good windows (the company's mid range window series) and perhaps a little bit better than the Craftsman Portrait, but not by much. I agree, I don't think they are worth $1500 more than the Zen offering.

The only caveat I would include here is if you can get the Soft-Lite dealer down to within say $500 of the Amerimax bid. If they are willing to come down to this, then I think that's your "breaking point."

Tom - HWRC Editor - from 2017

Amerimax or Renewal By Andersen

I had Amerimax windows placed in my Los Angeles property around five years ago. Today they are still looking white and nice. They offer no drafts or leaks, they have a smooth movement making them a top choice that works well. When shopping around we came across a host of cheap windows and had we purchased those I think we would have been faced with numerous problems. We did consider Renewal by Anderson, but they were very expensive, almost five times more than the other brands. Vinyl has been a top choice for many years, if they didn't meet our requirements there wouldn't be anyone buying them.

Kenneth, Past Client, 2008

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Frames Colors & Selection

Amerimax windows are what I have used in my home for over seven years and I am very pleased with them. The selling point for me was the AAMA - color certification - with many vinyl windows the color yellows within a few years, this doesn't happen with the Amerimax windows.

Barry, Past Customer from California, 2008

Amerimax vs CertainTeed

I installed Amerimax windows in vinyl and I am so happy with them, that was back in 2005. I did look at the other options - CertainTeed, Milgard, Window World. While the Amerimax are slightly higher in price compared to CertainTeeds and Milgards. they are quieter, they look good and they have helped lower my electricity bill. The double hung options are so easy to clean with their simple tilting action.

Larry, Past Client From California, 2009

Window Dealer Viewpoint

Amerimax is a top choice and makes a good window. The majority of Amerimax windows have super spacers, 2x strength glass and triple weather stripping along with other important features making them a better choice over some of the similar models. These windows also come with a wider selection of color and grid options. The standard glass package comes with an argon fill, this gives you the advantage of a tax rebate without an expensive upgrade.

Their doors are also really good with tons of options, key lock etc.. They also offer footbolt lock upgrades, which in my opinion are worth it. It is a good product and their customer service is superior in my experience. You get exactly what you pay for taking into consideration that Amerimax windows are more expensive than many of the other brands. There are not that many dealers throughout the country, making them slightly harder to obtain.

Ken, Window Dealer, 2010

Compared to Regional Brands

I purchased twenty two replacement vinyl windows from Amerimax five years ago and am exceptionally pleased with them. They blend in with our home beautifully with white on the interior and green on the exterior. They are durable and sturdy, including the locks. The warranty is also a big bonus. The price was higher than I would have like to have paid, but was reasonable and the windows are better than any of the others we considered.

The other brands that didn't compare included Milgard, which only used single strength glass. Atrium and Anlin, neither of which have good warranties. I did consider California Deluxe, but their prices were very high. Amerimax was the best choice meeting all our budget and project requirements.

Corey, Past Client From California, 2010

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