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Costs & Pricing For Window Styles

Find costs and pricing for different home window styles and types. The following prices are for standard stock sized windows fully installed.

Awning Windows

Description: An awning window has a hinge across the top of the window that allows it to swing out and up.

Price: $300 to $800 installed

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Bay Windows

Description: Bays are fantastic additions to a home, extending outward from a home.

Price: $1,100 to $3,900 installed

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Bow Windows

Description: A series of windows that is similar to a bay, although bows formed a subtle curve that extends out from the house. One of the most expensive types of replacement units.

Price: $1,200 to $7,000 installed

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Description: Casements have a hinge on the side and allow the entire glass area to be opened outward using a crank or handle.

Price: $275 to $800 installed

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Colonial Style

Description: Colonial windows have been around for hundreds of years, which makes sense based on the name alone. These windows have a very nice, classic and classy look to them that includes the side shutters, smaller window panes and often regular spacing between windows. Colonial windows recreate the look of 18th century windows in colonial America.

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Combination Windows

Description: Combination windows are any number of different styles that are put together (combined) in order to create a more elaborate, more functional or more aesthetically pleasing space. The most common combination window set up is a larger fixed frame flanked on either side by either casements or double hungs .

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Double Hungs

Description: Probably the most common type of home window that has both an upper and lower sash, both of which can be opened to provide a breeze and easy cleaning.

Price: $200 to $1,200 installed

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Double Pane Windows

Description: Double paned windows have two panes of glass in the IGU, which stands for the insulated glazing unit. The two panes often use low-e glass that has a tinted coat to it that reflects much of the UV rays.

Price: $200 to $1,200 installed

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Egress Windows

Description: An egress is a window in a basement (only a basement with "livalbe space" must have an egress) that allows for access both in and out should a fire or other problem occur. Casements are the most common option, although sliders or in some cases a single or double hung can also be used.

Price: $2,300 to $6,000 installed

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Fixed Frames

Description: A fixed frame window doesn't open like a double hung or casement, which makes them less expensive and more energy efficient. Fixed frame costs will run $150 to $650 for a standard sized opening with the cost of installation included.

Price: $150 - $650 installed

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Garden Windows

Description: Garden windows are a unique type of window that are quite distinctive and can add a lot of charm to a home. Garden window costs range from $800 to $3,400, which includes the unit itself as well as professional installation.

Price: $800 - $3,400 installed

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Impact Windows

Description: These heavy duty impact window units have a series of upgraded features and parts that allow them to stand up to the wear and tear of the harsh weather conditions found in those areas that experience hurricanes and tropical storms.

Price: $500 - $1,500 installed

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Picture Widows

Description: A picture window is usually a large "showcase" section of a house where homeowners can take in the world outside. They can be simple and cheap or large, complicated and very expensive.

Price: $250 - $2,500 installed

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Single Hungs

Description: Single hungs are similar to double hungs, except that instead of two movable sashes there is only a single bottom sash that opens vertically.

Price: $200 - $750 installed

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Description: Sliders move horizontally instead of up and down and are one of the most popular window styles for their simplicity and ease of use.

Price: $200 - $750 installed

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Soundproof Windows

Description: Soundproof windows help deaden as much exterior noise as possible through a number of methods. The most important of which is by increasing the amount of space between the two panes of glass.

Price: $25 - $1,500 + installed

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Storm Windows

Description: Storm windows are mounted either on the inside or the outside of an existing window in order to provide both an added layer of protection, as well as to bolster the thermal efficiency or insulation of the window opening.

Price: $75 to $225 installed

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Sunroom Windows

Description: Sunroom costs range anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 for a project with 10 replacement windows. The biggest issue in a project such as this is the overall condition of the sunroom. The products themselves will cost the same as any other replacement projects.

Price: $75 to $225 installed

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