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Loewen Window Reviews

Find out more about these windows with real Loewen window reviews written by homeowner and contractors who have experience with these products. You can find out more about the pricing on the Loewen windows prices page.

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Deciding Between Loewen & Marvin

I don't hesitate when selling Loewen and Marvin, I believe them both to be great products even though Loewen is a smaller company. The trick is to find a dealer that can offer all the customer service for you. If I was replacing windows I would get a quote for both of these windows. Just a word or warning, the Loewen windows are a small company and not a known brand, finding replacement parts can be a little trickier. When it comes to the wood cladding, Loewen uses Douglas fir and Marvin uses the lighter Ponderosa Pine, which tends to rot much faster than the fir. Using a vinyl cladding can protect it and make these windows last longer.

2009 - James a Window Installer

Window Choices in New York

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to windows available in New York whether you're looking for vinyl, wood or fiberglass. Once you know the material you want you can find window suppliers, for example a good fiberglass window is the Marvin Infinity. Wood isn't as easy to get these days everyone is using vinyl, but Loewen and Pella do wood windows. If it's vinyl you're after there is Gorell, Okna, Sunrise and Simonton to choose from.

2009 - Kevin a Contractor

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Loewen, Semco or Marvin

At the moment I have Marvin and Loewen windows in my home and I am really happy with both of them. When it comes time to replace them, the dealer suggested Semco and/or Hurd and I was not impressed. The saying you get what you pay for couldn't be truer, you want to pay more for your windows knowing they will last.

2009 - Russell a Homeowner

Wood Window Options

Choosing windows according to their rank can be exceptionally difficult. Everyone has had different experiences and different views on all the windows available. I recommend Marvin to my customers and believe they are the best when it comes to wood windows. I would also recommend Andersen and while Loewen is a good window, they are not very well known. When it comes to Eagles, Jeld Wen and Weathershield I would not suggest them, they are definitely not any of my favorites.

2011 - Andy a Contractor

Ordering Warning

Loewen has been a good window once we managed to get them installed. I would recommend them on the warning that be careful when ordering your windows and make sure the order arrives correctly. We ordered forty custom windows and doors about ten years ago. The order kept arriving wrong and this happened on numerous occasions throughout the project. Once they got the order right the windows were great.

2011 - John a Homeowner

Expensive Parts to Replace

In the beginning I was proud of my Loewen windows, they were really nice and then the problems started. My casement cranks started breaking so I called for replacement parts and was horrified they wanted $147 for each part. Had I known what I know now I would have chosen another brand.

2011 - Candace a Homeowner

Loewen Windows Reviews

When it comes to pricing the Loewen is on a par with Marvin, Kolbe and Eagle, but when it comes to quality they are nowhere near the same. Loewen is the worst when it comes to quality, followed by Eagle and Kolbe with Marvin being the best choice. Jeld Wen and Loewen are the worst quality windows you can buy and if I had a choice I would rather do without than buy either of these windows.

2012 - Justin a Contractor

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