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Milgard Window Reviews

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Milgard Tuscany vs Anlin Coronado

I replaced my windows many years ago with aluminum frame. There is leakage and I want to replace the windows.

I have a one story home with 18 windows 3 of them are picture windows.

I want vinyl double hung windows.

I have a quote for Milgard Tuscany windows at $11,000. I also have a quote for Anlin Coronado for $17,750.

I like the Anlin windows but not the price. Are they worth the extra money?

From an installation standpoint I have more faith in the company selling Anlin than the one for Milgard. Both companies have their own installers on their payroll.

Ellen - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Ellen, I agree with you that the Anlin is the better window, but that is steep at nearly $1000 per window! The Milgard Tuscany is a much nicer price point and I like this window in general. My only issue is the pocket sill it uses, which can be an issue over time in rainy climates -- so if you are in a place like Southern California I certainly think you are fine going with the Milgard, but I might be a little bit reticent in a place like Portland Oregon.

Is the Coronado worth that much more than the Milgard -- it's kind of right in that gray area.

Can you get a bid from Anlin on their Del Mar series? Or perhaps the Monte Verde series, which is their more entry level window and see how these prices compare? The only other option that springs to mind is the Simonton Impressions 9800 window. This is their premium series and one I would put on par with the Milgard Tuscany and Anlin Del Mar series.

Tom - Site Editor - from 2018

Milgard Tuscany vs Anlin Del Mar Infinit E

We are in Tucson, Arizona. We are replacing 6 aluminum frame windows, 47 x 82 each, with Low E, picture windows, dual pane, tempered glass in white. The Milgard bid is from Lowe's, who uses sub-contractors for installation. The Anlin is dealer installed by their employees. Lowe's bid is $5789.

Anlin's bid is $9487. Is the Anlin product worth the difference of $3698? What are your thoughts regarding the warranties?

Bette - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Bette, the warranties from both of these companies should be very similar in terms of what they cover etc. I have a tough time telling anyone to use the big box stores for installation. The sub contractors are often paid a very low per-window rate that does not always lend itself to quality work. However, you could buy the Milgard window from Lowes and then go on yelp or craigslist and find a good local installer.

Generally, I consider Anlin a bit better than Milgard but it is certainly dependent on what window you are being quote on.

I like both the Milgard Tuscany and Anlin Del Mar series. If you can get the Tuscany from Lowes and installed by someone with a solid installation track record, I'd say this might be the way to go.

Tom - Site Editor - from 2018

Milgard vs CertainTeed

I installed Amerimax windows and I am so happy with them, that was back in 2005. I did look at the other options - CertainTeeds, Milgard, Window Worlds. While the Amerimax are slightly higher in price compared to CertainTeeds and Milgards. they are quieter, they look good and they have helped lower my electricity bill. The double hungs are so easy to clean with their simple tilting action.

Larry, Past Client From California, 2009

Milgard vs Other Brands

I live in the L.A. area and have heard good things about Milgard. They have never to my knowledge had any quality control issues. They are good on service calls and make a nice, if rather plain, window. Let's see, Ply-Gem windows gets pretty good reviews, although they have multiple series which are formerly Great Lakes and CertainTeed and I'd avoid the latter brand. Here in L.A. I'd recommend Superior, which are made in Hayward and seem to be good (again nothing fancy). I've had good success with them

Jeff - Installer - 2012

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