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Harvey Window Reviews

Read the Harvey window reviews from homeowners, contractors and installation experts who have experience with these windows to help you decide if they are the right choice for your next window project.

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Harvey Classic vs. Okna 500 Series

Thank you for your website with reviews. It has been very helpful. I would welcome any suggestions on the following. I am considering either of the following replacement windows -

Harvey Classic Double Hung 7/8 double insulating low E Argon windows

Okna 500 Series Double Hung windows.

The price point is similar for both. I am not familiar at all with OKNA, but have heard of Harvey. I liked the look at description of the OKNA but am always concerned to go with an unknown company for fear it will go out of business, making the warranty valueless. Can you offer your thoughts? I live in Massachusetts for what that is worth in your consideration.

Denise - Homeowner - from 2017

Editor's Reply

Denise, the Harvey Classic Double Hung is a good window, one that I would consider putting in my home. The Okna 500 window, however, is excellent, one of the best on the market. As far as Okna being unknown, they aren't unknown in the window business. Harvey is Massachusetts based, so that's probably why you've heard of them.

Okna is probably bigger than Harvey in terms of sales (this is my guess only). They weathered the 2009 - 2011 recession easily and they aren't going anywhere. You should feel very confident that Okna will be around a long time and between these two windows, the Okna is the very clear winner.

Tom - HWRC Editor - from 2017

Harvey or Alside

I am in the process of replacing two bay windows and twelve double hung windows in my home near Boston. The contractor works with both Harvey Classic and Alside Excalibur windows and I really like him, which is why I got the quotes from these two companies. The Harvey windows estimate is $8,700 and the Alside is $7,500. With an almost $1,000 difference is the Harvey worth it?

Ian - a Homeowner near Boston, 2009

[Contractor Reply]

You've been given a good price on the Harveys, I would not recommend Alsides to any of my clients even with such an affordable quote.

Jonathan - a Contractor, 2009

Review Of The Tribute Model

Harvey has a good name here in Massachusetts and they are affordable. Being so close to our area there isn't any expensive shipping charges. There are no shortage of installers and dealers to choose from, all of them work with the Harvey range. Harveys are good middle range windows with Tribute being the higher grade option. Personally I prefer the Classic which isn't as chunky as the Tribute.

Kevin - a Homeowner from Massachusetts, 2009

Harvey or CertainTeed

My home already has CertainTeeds from early 2000, they are good quality and I really like them. Now I am looking at something that will match and have been considering CertainTeed and Harvey. Can someone tell me if Harvey is the better choice?

Elizabeth - a Homeowner, 2010

[Contractor Reply]

While CertainTeed is a poor quality window they do offer a host of options. Harvey is a good window and I've never experienced any problems with them.

Graham - a Window Installer, 2010

Harvey or HiMark

I need some advice on estimates I currently needed for twenty one windows complete with caps, grids, etc. The quotes I received are on the Harvey Classics which came in at $550 each, the HiMarks DX400 at $585, the HiMark DX800 at $630 and the Simonton 5500 at $500. This is a lot of money to invest in windows and I want to ensure I make the right choice.

Simon - a Homeowner, 2010

[Contractor Reply]

You have a great selection but personally I would choose the HiMark 800, they are better than the 400 and a quality window over the others you have estimates on. They offer great energy efficiency, the have superior design, quality and appearance. The Simontons are also good and superior over the Harveys. If you're only going to be in your home for a short period choose the Simontons, but for the long haul I would definitely recommend the HiMark 800.

Paul - a Contractor, 2010

Harvey, OKNA or Gorell

I really like the Harvey windows and have a quote for a bay window, slider and fourteen double hungs, the quote is for $8,000. Before I make a decision I was wondering if it's worthwhile getting quotes on OKNA and Gorell.

Cindy - a Homeowner, 2010

[Contractor Reply]

It depends on what your budget is, the OKNA and Gorell are better than Harvey, even though Harvey isn't a poor quality. Installers prefer working with quality windows where they can get good customer service and experience fewer problems during installation.

Justin - a Contractor from Wisconsin, 2010

Harvey Tribute or Sunrise Restoration

I have eventually taken the time to get quotes for our home windows. What we are doing is doing one story now and then the other story in a few years' time, so I need to know the windows I choose will still be available. We are replacing double hung windows, basement hoppers, sliders and smaller windows for the bathrooms. So far I have quotes from Harvey on the Tribute and Sunrise on the Restoration. The Harvey quote is $490 for the double hungs, $450 for the slider and $390 for the hoppers while the Sunrise quote is $465 double hung, $420 slider and $250 hopper. Which is the better option?"

Kim - a Homeowner, 2011

[Contractor Reply]

If that is the installed price then the Sunrise is a great choice. Sunrise are fantastic windows and Harvey doesn't even come close.

James - a Window Installer, 2011

Tribute or Okna

I am looking for good quality windows for my home in Pennsylvania. There are thirty five replacements in total, some smaller than others. I like the OKNA range, especially the 500 and 800, but my contractor is trying to sway me towards the Harvey Tribute. Now looking at the Tribute I am impressed with the triple pane, krypton fill and all the features and options available. The quote came in at $390 fully installed. Now I am not sure which to choose.

David - a Homeowner from Pennsylvania, 2012

[Contractor Reply]

If I had the choice I would choose the OKNA 500, they are a superior window to the Harvey, even though Harvey isn't a bad window. The price you pay will be determined by the installer and dealer you choose, some charge more and others less. While it's good to pay less for the windows from the dealer, you don't want the cheapest quote when it comes to installation. Any great window can leak if it isn't installed right.

John - a Contractor, 2012

[Second Contractor Reply]

While Harvey is good window, it loses every time against the OKNA, which is a good brand with good features. The OKNA 500 will offer you an air leakage of .02, a U-factor of .25 and a DP rating of 50 where the Harvey will offer a 0.1 for air leakage, a U-factor of .30 and a DP rating of 30. As you can see the OKNA is a much better choice.

Allan - a Contractor, 2012

American Jewels or Harvey

My wife and I are replacing windows in our home and have narrowed our search down to the American Jewels or Harvey windows. Whichever I choose they must be durable and last. When speaking to the dealer they claimed American Jewel don't make a casement window in the size I need which is 36" x 45" and that my only choice is a slider. I need to make my decision so we can get this replacement project done.

Miles - a Homeowner, 2012

[Contractor Reply]

In my personal experience you cannot go wrong with the Harvey windows, they offer great service, good quality and are a great window when it comes to all their features and options.

Graham - a Contractor, 2012

[Second Contractor Reply]

I must be honest I can't get excited about the American Jewel or Harvey windows, though the Harvey is a better window out of the two. The American Jewel windows are the lowest range windows and you have to be a little concerned when they are limited to the width of their casements. Spending a little more you can find so many great brands out there that will last many years, have a good customer service team and won't have serious problems.

Benjamin - an Installer, 2012

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