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Ply Gem Windows Prices

Ply Gem windows prices are in the mid range and will range from $300 to $450 installed for their Premium Series. Ply Gem has acquired a number of window companies over the years and then relabeled them with their own brand (Alenco, Certainteed, Great Lakes, M&W, Patriot). This is one reason why it is confusing for consumers to understand exactly which window they are purchasing (unless you ask). Many contractors think the best Ply Gem line by Great Lakes would be at the top of the Ply Gem quality list, while the CertainTeeds would be at the bottom. Any credible window dealer should have the specifics of the actual line you are purchasing. Ply Gem gets decent marks and falls in as a second tier manufacturer below the top level vinyl companies - Soft-Lite, Sunrise, Okna, HiMark and Gorell.

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Ply Gem Contractor Window Costs

Their Contractor Series is an entry level window that lacks the design, engineering and features that most homeowners should be looking for in a quality window. Ply Gem sells a lot of these windows, but typically to builders and contractors who are developing large residential or commercial properties. This window should really be reserved for homeowners interested in rental properties or flipping houses. This low end option is comparable to the equivalent Jeld Wen option. Explore Jeld windows prices here.

» Ply Gem Contractor Series Pricing

Ply Gem Pro Windows Prices

The Pro is their mid grade vinyl window and has only minimal upgrades from their Contractor line. This window was originally the Grandview 4000 from Great Lakes and is a cellular PVC that can be painted. The window uses a stainless steel spacer and carries a 25 year transferrable warranty, although it doesn't include a glass breakage provision. The Pro Series has the following performance numbers on their double hungs; R-value of 3.45, U-factor of 0.29, Air Infiltration of 0.19, a DP30 rating and an SHGC of 0.27. The Pro lacks the sash reinforcement that comes standard on the Premium and is comparable in quality to the mid range offering from Simonton or Milgard Tuscany window.

» Ply Gem Pro Costs

Ply Gem Premium Windows Pricing

There is several difference between the Pro and Premium Sereis. The Premium is available as a double hung, while the Pro is available only as a single hung. The Premium series is also available in more color options. The Premium series were orignially the Grandview 5000 Series from Great Lakes and comes with a lifetime warranty, but again no glass breakage. It has very similar performance numbers, including AI, U-factor and U-values, although it does have a DP50 (with the EP package) rated that can theoretically stand up to harsher wind and/or elements. The Ply Gem Premium window is a decent choice at the following price point and is comparable to say the Gorell 5100 Series.

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Past Customer Pricing

Ply Gem Pro Window Prices

Ply Gem Pro Series Cost

I'm replacing 8 windows and have two quotes on different windows:

Ply Gem Pro: $3,855

Anlin Bayview $5,800

Any advice is appreciated.

Carla-Anne - Homeowner - from 2017

Editor's Reply

Carla-Anne, those bids are each quite solid. I think I'd suggest the Ply Gem Pro and save the $2000.

Tom - Site Editor - from 2017

Pro Series (Grandview 4000)
14 Double Hungs, 1 Slider, 1 Fixed Frame
Sizes: Varied
Price: $435 each for double pane, $465 for triple pane
Included product and installation.
State: Indiana
Bid price from 2012.

Pro Series
15 Double Hungs
Size: Varied
Pricing: $355 each
Did not include installation.
State: Michigan
Project completed in 2011.

Pro Classic Series
10 Single Hungs
Dimensions: 3 Large, 7 Standard
Prices: $279 each
Included product and installation.
State: Texas
Project bid from 2011.

Pro Series
7 Triple Paned Sliders
Dimensions: Large
Cost: $650 each
Included installation.
State: California
Project completed from 2011.

Pro Series
10 Double Hungs
Sizes: Varied
Costs: $320 each
Included both product and install.
State: N/A
Job completed in 2011.

Ply Gem Premium Windows Prices

Premium Series
4 Double Hungs, 1 Picture
Sizes 48"W x 40"H (4), 78"W x 40"H (1)
Price: $668 each ($3345 total)
Include full tear out installation.
State: Illinois
Bid price from 2012.

Premium Series
6 Picture And Sliders (triple pane), 2 Patio Doors & 1 French Door
Sizes: Large
Price: $10,535
Included installation.
Location: Washington
Quote/Estimate from 2011.

Premium Series
15 Double Hungs
Sizes: 36"W x 72"H
Pricing: $500 each
Included product and installation.
Stated: Oklahoma
Project from 2010.

Premium Series
11 Double Hungs & 2 Sliding Doors
Sizes: Standard
Cost: $9,800 total
Included full frame install & exterior wrapping.
State: Wisconsin
Project quote from 2010.

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