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Cascade Windows Reviews

Browse our Cascade window reviews from installers, homeowner and contractors to help you make an informed decision on which windows are the right choice for your next project. Explore additional Cascade Windows prices here.

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Cascade Windows vs Anlin

My personal opinion is that the Cascade windows are overpriced, being a construction grade replacement window. There are plenty of good window options available, though I wouldn't recommend the Classic or Styleline from Milgard. Anlin has the best ratings and a durable frame, while Insulate is affordable. The Anlin models can be pricy, so bear that in mind when making your decision unless you can find a great deal.

2005 - Robert - Contractor

Cascade Windows vs Jeld Wen

I am in the process of choosing between two window manufacturers, Jeld-Wen and Cascades Winpro. I have chosen Cascades because they are low-e windows with good u-values, they also have a coating on the inside and outside, while I believe Jeld-Wen only have coating on one side. The difference I have been told is that the Cascade comes with metal frames and rubber spacers while the Jeld-Wen comes with PVC frames and aluminum spacers. I could really use some advice on which is the better option as I am going to be spending $12,000 on this project.

2006, Elizabeth a Homeowner in California

[Reply from a Contractor]

I have worked with many windows and have experience with both of the windows you are considering. I do believe the Jeld-Wen to be a better choice. The information you have been given on the Cascades is incorrect, they do not come with coating on both sides, the salespeople should have explained themselves better as they may not be talking about low-e. Low-e is always on the inside. The price you are stating is exceptionally high so why not think of some other good brands such as Milgard, Amerimax or CertainTeed, these are all reasonably priced windows from good manufacturers.

2006 - Samuel a Contractor from California

Cascade Windows vs Milgard

I am in the process of obtaining quotes for fifteen single hungs and a picture window. So far my quotes vary dramatically although the Cascades are about $75 less per window than the Milgard Tuscany. The problem is that I have been told the Milgards are superior over the Cascades, but that is a huge variance. Is it worth it? All I want is to know my windows will be long lasting, energy efficient and will open and close.

2006 - Joanne a Homeowner from California

[Contractor Reply]

In my opinion it's worth paying the extra for the Milgard windows. They offer a much better service and a higher quality window.

2006 - Paul a Contractor

Bristol, Cascade Simonton

Can anyone offer me some advice? I have Bristol windows in my home, they are triple pane and were a big mistake. I am looking to replace them and have three top choices which are the Cascade, Simonton 6500 and the Simonton Prism. The Bristols have already cost me so much that I need to make the right choice this time.

2011 - Dean a Homeowner in Colorado

[Reply From Contractor]

As you are looking at the Simonton windows, consider the Platinum, it's a better option over the Gold or Silver and shouldn't give you any trouble.

2011 - Sam a Contractor

Contractor's Opinion

I am based in Los Angeles and install a large number of Cascade and Empire Pacific windows. I find there are no problems when it comes to the warranty or service. They are always delivered on time and they are well priced for what you get. They are definitely one of the better manufacturers I have had dealings with, the worst thing I have had to deal with is a missing screen or two and replacement was quick and easy. My main concern is customer satisfaction and all my customers have been very happy with their choice.

2011 - Bill a Contractor

Customer Service Issues

The only problem I have found with Cascade windows is their customer service. The warranty they offer excludes labor and the replacement parts they claim to have sent have never arrived.

2011 - Bobby a Homeowner in California

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