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Ideal Windows Reviews

Browse our Ideal windows reviews from homeowners and contractors who have experience with the company and their window lines and series. For pricing information, use our replacement window price calculator.

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Ideal Windows or Gorell

I am currently looking at replacing my vinyl windows in my home here in Pennsylvania. So far I have two quotes, one is the Gorell 5100 which came in at $570 with a fifty year warranty and the Ideal 5000 which came in at $400 with a twenty year warranty. I've been told that Ideal have improved their quality and was wondering if anyone has installed these windows before and can confirm this.

Bill - a Homeowner, 2009

[Contractor Reply]

I work with a lot of windows and I would suggest you choose the Gorell windows, even at their slightly higher price. For the price you get a better quality window with a superior warranty and great customer service. If you are unsure of the windows get some more quotes, there are a lot of great windows to choose from.

Edgar - a Contractor, 2009

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Ideal Majestic or Sunrise Restorations

We started looking at new windows recently and I was amazed at how the Ideal majestic and Sunrise Restorations windows compared. The Ideal ranges were such low end windows with lower grade vinyl with poor quality frames and thin seals. The Sunrise on the other hand was durable and thick, you could see they were built to last. My suggestion would be if you intend living in your home for a few more years choose the Sunrise Restorations and have peace of mind you will not need to replace your windows within a year or two.

Errol - a Contractor, 2010

4500 Series Review

I am in the process of replacing over twenty windows and the Ideal 4500 looks like a good choice at the price I can afford.

Stephanie a Homeowner, 2010

[Contractor Reply]

Before you make a decision do yourself a favor and have a look at the Simonton 5050 which is around the price range you would have been offered on the Ideal 4500 windows. Other options to consider is SoftLite Bainbridge which is a budget window, but still better than the Ideal.

Neal - a Contractor from New Jersey, 2010

[Second Reply]

The important thing when choosing windows is how long will they last. Okna and Gorell are great windows and will still be going strong in five or more years. Ideal is more like the American Jewel windows, not what you want in your home, but perfect for rental properties or emergencies.

Peter - an Installer, 2010

Ideal 5000 or Soft-Lite Bainbridge

I could do with some information on the Ideal 5000 and the Softlite Bainbridge model. Any input is appreciated.

Richard - a Contractor, 2010

[Contractor Reply]

I cannot comment on the Ideal range, they aren't widely used here. I can tell you that Softlite is a good window and the Bainbridge range is durable with good numbers.

Sam - a Contractor, 2010

Ideal Windows Reviews

My husband and I have decided it's time to replace our windows at home. I've been doing some homework on the Ideal UltraWeld which was recommended by one of our friends and they said these would be great to replace the current double hung windows. The problem is I can't find information on them, is the Polaris UltraWeld the same window? These look great and the energy efficiency and price seems average. I'd appreciate a few suggestions before we make our final decision.

Amanda a Homeowner, 2012

[Contractor Reply]

First in answering your questions Ideal and Polaris are different windows, the Polaris is a more superior window where the Ideal is a low end window. The Ideals frames are not sturdy and if you pay slightly more you can get such better quality and durability. A suggestion when looking for a window is take the AI numbers and U-factor into consideration you want a U-factor of less than .30. Have a look at the Sunrise, OKNA and SoftLite models.

Steven - a Contractor, 2012

Mid-Range Windows

I am currently looking for middle range vinyl replacement windows for a new home I purchased recently. I need to replace thirty, 32 x 69" windows. The problem is that I am getting more confused the more vendors I meet with and the quotes I've received. So far I have quotes from Universal Windows Direct for triple paned glass and a lifetime warranty at $375 per window. I also have a quote from Hanson Brothers or Ideal, also with a lifetime warranty for $375 per window and then I have an estimate from Castle Windows at $350 per window with a lifetime warranty. Other quotes include Tri State Window Factory at $500 and JJ Windows and Door for Pella windows at $800 a window.

The U factors vary from .24 from Tri State to .29 for the Castles. What is confusing me is that they all have a lifetime warranty, the prices and reviews vary, so I can't tell which are the better option to go with.

Eric - Homeowner - 2008

[Contractor Response]

Personally I wouldn't offer Castle windows to any of my customers. The Ideal windows are middle range, but the U factor for their triple panes aren't the best. Also you didn't mention what windows Universal are offering. In NJ there are so many good windows available around the $400 mark. Try searching for Soft-Lites or Oknas - both good choice.

Andy - Contractor - 2008

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