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ProVia Window Reviews

Read ProVia window reviews from contractors, installers and homeowners with experience in the past working with this company and their windows. While we don't have much information on ProVia windows prices per se, our window replacement price estimator provides very accurate project estimates that can help you find ballpark pricing.

If you'd like to ask our editors a question about your replacement or new construction windows project, send Tom an email.

Feel free to include project quotes and bids and get an expert opinion on which proposal(s) is right for you. Our site editor, and our website in general, is not associated with any window company. Instead, our advise is based on the idea of providing American consumers with the best long term value for your dollar.

Estimates On ProVia Windows

I am busy getting estimates together for my window replacement project. So far I have two estimates from ProVia,. I've been through this website but haven't found much information on ProVia. I then looked into the SoftLite windows, but haven't heard very good reviews on them when it comes to their warranty and standing behind their product. Ideally I would like to support a company in the local area, so any advice is appreciated.

Andrew - Homeowner - 2010

[Contractor Response]

I'm not sure where you saw poor reviews on the Soft-Lite brand, they are one of the best. The problem is I am not sure what their servicing is like in your area. In the Ohio area, Polaris is a good choice. Remember the depth of your jamb will play a role in the choices you have available. ProVia has a decent reputation but I can't say I know a ton of information about them.

Barry - Contractor - 2010

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Integra 300 vs. SoftLite Imperial LS

I'm torn between the ProVia Integra 300 series and the SoftLite Imperial LS series. From what I can see they are both good windows, though the SoftLite does look a little stronger, but of course they are also about $650 more expensive than the ProVia. Is it worth paying such a huge difference for these windows? I also noticed that the Integra comes as a double casement, does this make much of a difference or is it just another maintenance headache?

Simon - Homeowner - 2010

[Contractor Response]

I haven't had any problems with the doors from ProVia, though I haven't installed any of their windows. SoftLite has been a solid choice for many years. What I am curious about is how many windows are you replacing? A $650 price difference isn't really that much even spread out over 5 or 6 windows it's only $100, which might actually be worth it.

Reggie - Contractor - 2010

[Contractor Response]

I would go with the SoftLite windows. I do have the Integras and after three years we have air leaks. Also the Integra has a sloped sill and not a pocket sill, while the SoftLite has a sloping sill. The only reason I ended up with the ProVia Integra windows was because the double hung sashes had 52 diamonds where the majority of other windows only have 39, unfortunately SoftLite couldn't do the pattern for me. I replaced over thirty windows, so I found the Gorell pricing too high.

Steven - Contractor - 2010

ProVia Aeris vs. OKNA Starmark

I recently saw the new ProVia Aeris on their website and I must say they look really good. These are a hybrid PVC window similar to the OKNA Starmark. ProVia have said that they are priced close to other wood clad windows. I will only be able to say how good they are once I have actually seen one and installed it.

Stuart - Contractor - 2011

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Aeris Line

Being a ProVia dealer I actually don't carry the Aeris series. ProVia is a good window choice and the manufacturer is a solid option. On a whole I don't sell many of their windows, I sell so many other quality brands with more affordable pricing and good performance numbers. Overall I would say these are mid-range windows. If you choose a hybrid wood / PVC option, you will be amazed at how great they look.

Jason - Contractor - 2013

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