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Replacement Window Prices & Costs

See replacement window prices for many of the most popular window manufacturers and find window pricing and costs on their series and models.

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Primer On Replacement Window Costs

Want to find the most comprehensive list replacement window prices on the internet? This is it, a no nonsense price range list for replacement windows in general. It also includes the basic logic behind manufacturer's pricing, as well as how the distributors price out the windows to you.

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Popular Window Companies

Alpen High Performance Products

Description: Alpine High Performance Products specializes in fiberglass windows and architectural glass. The Colorado-based company purchased the assets of Serious in 2012, which was based in Sunnyvale California. The company sells three fiberglass series, including the 525 series, 725 series and their premium 925 model.

Read more on Alpen Windows.


Description: Alside manufactures numerous vinyl window lines and gets fair reviews on some of their higher end products. Their entry level and builder grade products get so-so marks from installers. Alot of installers would advise consumers to continue getting bids over the Alside products, unless it is an outstanding bid on one of their high end vinyl series.

Read more on Alside windows prices.

American Craftsman

Description: Explore American Craftsman pricing on their most popular series and models, including the 9500 Series. American Craftsman is considered a low to mid range manufacturer that sells most of the products through big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot.

Read more on American Craftsman windows costs.

American Jewel

Description: Explore American Jewel prices and product reviews.

Read more on American Jewel costs.

American Vision

Description: Explore American Vision prices, windows, bids and more.

Read more on American Vision windows costs.


Description: Amerimax is in the mid range of the vinyl market, somewhere in the $400 to $650 range for normal installation on a double hung. The company generally gets good reviews and seems to be on an upswing in terms of size and reputation. There isn't a ton of information online about this company, but as they grow we will continue to add to information as we get it.

Read more on Amerimax pricing.


Description: Amsco costs are in the low range and start at $225 installed for a Studio vinyl to $550 for a Serenity double hung with standard installation. In general, the company makes builder grade vinyl and composite frames and sells solely through distrbutors. The company does not offer any sort of warranty on their labor, instead, it is the responsibility of the distributor (who may offer a warranty with TONS of exclusions).

Read more on Amsco window prices.


Description: Andersen is known for their wood frames and probably has the highest brand recognition of any company in the United States. For the most part, their product is respected, although it carries a pretty steep price tag. They carry a composite fibrex (known as their 100 Series) that has received some attention as of late.

Read more on Andersen window costs.


Description: Anlin prices run anywhere from the mid to upper end of the vinyl window price range. Anlin is one of the top tier vinyl window manufactures on the west coast. The company isn't huge, they have a single factory that operates out of Clovis, California (although the factory is 220,000 sq ft factory, so not small). The company is family owned and have been in business since 1990.

Read more on Anlin window costs.


Description: Explore Armaclad windows prices and product reviews. The company went out of business in 2014 and had to lay off some 200 of its workers.

Read more on Armaclad.


Description: Atrium pricing ranges from $250 to $600 installed for a double hung with standard installation. Atrium makes their own models, but also produce series that they sell to other companies who then relabel and sell them under their own brand name.

Read more on Atrium product costs.

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California Deluxe

Explore costs and pricing from this southern California manufacturer.

Read more on California Deluxe pricing.


Explore Cascade and Lbl pricing and reviews from past customers. Cascade and LbL, both based in Oregon, merged companies back in 2009.

Read more on Cascade window prices.


Description: Their pricing are fairly high for a vinyl manufacturer, think $500 to $800 per window installed. The products themselves are good quality, but they don't make any contractors top five (or even) top ten vinyl window list - or at least none that we could find. If you can get the product with a solid glass package at the right price point, this is not a bad choice.

Read more on Champion windows prices.


Description: Crestline is a low to mid range vinyl manufacturer. Discover Crestline pricing on all of their products, series and models.

Read more on Crestline product costs.


Crystal Windows are manufactured in Flushing New York, although they have four branches spread throughout the mid west. They are not considered one of the top vinyl window companies or most expensive windows on the market, although they do use good materials and offer a solid warranty.

Read more on Crystal pricing.

Custom Window Systems

CWS is a company out of Florida that specializes in manufacturing vinyl and aluminum impact windows. They have been in business since 1986 and are typically considered one of the best options when it comes to Florida hurricane window options. CWS and PGT are typically close in cost and quality.

Read more on Custom Window Systems.


Description: Eagle pricing ranges from $800 to $1100 for a normal size window with installation. They are a well respected company that makes a good solid wood clad product with lots of color options and high end hardware and options.

Read more on Eagle prices.


Description: Gentek is known more for their siding than their windows, but their three vinyl replacement window options do offer some rather nice features, including a sloped sill and multichambered vinyl mainframes. Read product reviews on their Concord Plus, Signature Elite and Sequoia Select series.

Read more on Gentek pricing.


Description: Gorell was generally considered a top tier vinyl window producer. They were bought in 2012 by Soft-Lite (another top tier vinyl manufacturer), considered a good step by many industry insiders.

Read more on Gorell windows prices.

Great Lakes

Description: These will vary from $350 for their Bayshore to $600 for the EcoSmart double hung installed. GLs are considered relatively high compared to the quality that they provide (although the prices listed below are the target prices that consumers should be happy with). Great Lakes is owned by Ply Gem, although they still sell their products under their own name.

Read more on Great Lakes window costs.


Description: Harvey is a North East regional manufacturer that produces a solid window at reasonable prices. They don't make the top performers in the vinyl market, but they enjoy a good reputation for producing steady and solid products. Their glass packages are nice and they get mostly good reviews from regional contractors for servicing issues that inevitably arise.

Read more on Harvey windows prices.


Description: HiMark pricing is virutally the same as Okna because they are essentially the the exact same product. Basically, HiMark sells using only approved dealers or reps who in turn employ very high quality installation practices. Homeowners can expect to pay $400 to $700 per opening fully installed.

Read more on HiMark costs.

Home Guard

Description: Home Guard prices range from $500 to $600 for a typical double hung with standard installation. The company gets good marks for their entry level window and high marks for their Innovations series.

Read more on cost of Home Guard windows.

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Description: Ideal is headquartered in New Jersey and operate as a regional window manufacturer that concentrates sales in New Jersey and New York. They have been in business for over 90 years. The company manufactures a good quality product that is at the mid range price point for vinyl windows in general.

Read more on Ideal Pricing.


Description: Indow is located in Portland Oregon and the company has been manufacturing their patented inserts since 2010. The inserts are somewhat similar to both storms and noise control inserts. The Indow insert is placed on the inside of the window frame and fits snugly in place thanks to the laser measuring that the local company will provide and the compression tubing that the frame is made from.

Read more on Indow Windows Cost.


Description: Inline is one of the lesser known but high end fiberglass window manufacturers that is headquartered in Canada. Their products are not cheap, but are well made and designed.

Read more on Inline costs.

Jeld Wen

Description: Jeld Wens are on the low to mid range and that probably matches their quality. Their higher end products generally get fair marks, but are often seen as subpar when compared to Marvin (in fiberglass/aluminum), Marvin / Loewen (in wood frames) or Okna / Sunrise / Soft-Lite (in vinyl).

Read more on Jeld Wen windows prices.


Description: Loewen is amongst the highest in terms of pricing in the industry; expect to pay $1000 for a normal double hung with installation. Loewen gets good marks for their products and are widely regarded as one of the very best manufacturers of wood windows. The company doesn't really make inserts per se - most homeowners that are dropping $1K per opening want a full replacement that integrates seamlessly with the opening design and materials.

Read more on Loewen costs and pricing.


Description: Marvin is a well regarded company that produces quality products and offers excellent customer service through their dealers and/or distributors. Their windows aren't cheap, but when it comes to replacements and new construction, this is a solid choice and given proper installation, homeowners should feel confident that they are buying an excellent product at fairly reasonable prices.

Read more on Marvin window prices.


Description: Milgard is considered a good window, not the best, but a solid manufacturer on the West Coast. Milgard is no longer being sold on the East Coast, but is still available in other parts of the country, particularly on the West Coast. The company gets pretty good marks for their West Coast operations, production quality and customer service.

Read more on Milgard windows cost.

Monte Verde

Description: The Monte Verde is essentially an "economy line" that is marketed as a stand alone product in much the same way as the Preservation by Alside. What's interesting though is that the Preservation Window is marketed as a high end vinyl option, while the Monte Verde is marketed as an economy option. There are two actual options, the Monte Verde and the Monte Verde BayView model, which is an upgraded and slightly pricier option.

Read more on the Anlin Monte Verde Series.


Description: Okna makes 3 vinyl series (the 400, 500 and 800 lines), as well as a composite frame (the Starmark). Okna gets very high marks on all of their products from installers who sell their work along with those who sell other brands and models. The Starmark frames tend to be a bit bulkier than their vinyl lines, which turns some contractors and homeowners off - performance wise, their products in the first tier.

Read more on Okna windows prices.

Peach Tree

Description: Back in 2008, the Shields family purchased the assets of Peach Tree Doors And Windows, meaning that the company name and entity was effectively dissolved. The company also owns Crestline, which is currently in operation.

Explore all Peachtree prices.


Description: Pella pricing varies quite a bit based on the Series you are looking for. A low end vinyl will run $350 installed, while their Designer wood line will run at least $1050 per window installed. Pella gets mixed reviews at best. Some installers and industry experts feel the company has a great marketing department, makes an average product that they sell at a premium price and offers poor part replacement and customer service.

Read more on Pella windows prices.


Description: PGT has a good reputation in the industry for producing durable, consistent and well made aluminum and vinyl series. Most contractors give the company a thumbs up for standing behind their work and offering a solid warranty (which is easy to do if you produce a well made, conistent product). They have a big presence in the southeast in states such as Florida and Georgia.

Read more on PGT pricing.

Ply Gem

Description: Ply Gem pricing is in the mid range and will range from $300 to $450 installed for their Premium Series. Ply Gem gets decent marks and falls in as a second tier vinyl manufacturer. Many contractors think the best Ply Gem line by Great Lakes would be at the top of the Ply Gem quality list, while the CertainTeeds would be at the bottom. Any credible window dealer should have the specifics of the actual line you are purchasing.

Read more on Ply Gem costs.


Description: Polaris products range from around $400 installed for the ValuSmart to $700 installed for the UltraWeld. Polaris gets good marks on their UltraWeld series, which is their top of the line. They get medium marks on their ThermalWeld and just OK marks on their entry level ValuSmart window. Their products get particularly good air infiltration numbers and their production quality and consistency is very good. The factory uses high quality German equipment made by Sturtz and gets good to great marks from contractors and installers.

Read more on Polaris pricing.


Description: Preservation windows are a vinyl window line that it is marketed as a standalone vinyl window series, although Alside Windows is the company that manufactures the Preservation Collection. Pricewise, the Preservation Window is a premium vinyl window, while quality and performance is probably closer to a solid mid range vinyl window.

Read more on Preservation Windows prices.


Description: ProVia prices range from the mid to high end of the vinyl market - their models and series generally get good marks from installers and contractors. Get pricing on their most popular series, including the 300 and 800 series.

Read more on ProVia costs.

Renewal By Andersen

Description: RBA is under the umbrella of Andersen, but each city/area/region is actually it's own uniquely owned franchise. That means that you are not buying from Andersen, you are buying from the individual RBA distributor or owner. Most knowledgable contractors say this about RBA windows - an attractive window that has decent (but not great) performance numbers that is priced extrememly high.

Read more on Renewal By Andersen prices.


Description: Silverline is a low end vinyl manufacturer owned by Andersen and sold at many of the big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes. Their low end offerings should be avoided by consumers, but their higher end series like the 9500 are probably fine.

Read more on Silverline window prices.


Description: In general, Simonton enjoys a good reputation in the window industry. They are a solid mid grade vinyl manufacturer with good customer support. Their frames tend to be a little wider, which gives them a bulkier look which some homeowners don't like as much as say a Sunrise or Okna. However, the wider frame does provide better insulation, which homeowners like from an energy efficiency perspective. The company uses good extrusions and cleans up their weld lines well.

Read more on Simonton windows prices.


Description: Soft-Lite offers 6 window lines, all of which are vinyl frames. While some contractors shy away from their entry level Barrington, they strongly recommend their other products (the Barrington ranks well against other entry level windows). The Imperial LS and Elements LS are highly recommended and are often go to choices for installers looking to put high performing vinyl windows in a home. The company recently bought Gorell, which has always enjoyed a good reputation and also produces vinyl windows. Their 5100 and 5300 Series get good marks.

Read more on Soft-Lite prices.


Description: Sunrise is considered to be a good company with solid products by many industry experts. The company didn't always have this level of respect, but in the past ten years they have really turned the ship around and and now produce high quality vinyl windows. They offer four window lines, three of which are all basic tweaks off their standard window, but with a good contractor bid you will be buying a product of value.

Read more on Sunrise window costs.


Description: Vinylmax offers a number of window series, with their three most popular being the Hyde Parke, Easton and Sherwood. Vinylmax gets some mixed reviews, some contractors like the product and feel like it is a middle of the road vinyl window sold at a reasonable price. Others point to their offerings as a lower grade product sold at a higher than expected price point.

Read more on Vinylmax windows cost.


Description: Vista offers a single line of vinyl windows called the Panorama. Vista makes a good middle-of-the-road vinyl window, very solid on that second tier of manufacturers.

Read more on Vista pricing.


Description: Viwinco are in the mid to low end of the vinyl market, from $375 for a Cambridge series installed to $500 for the OceanView Hurricane installed. The company and their products are generally also consided a mid to low end vinyl manufacturer on par with MI, Vinylmax and Silverline. They aren't the worst vinyl products out there and they certainly aren't the best either.

Read more on Viwinco windows pricing.


Description: Explore ViWinTech prices and costs on their 1500 vinyl windows and more.

Read more on ViWinTech costs.


Description: Vytex manufactures three main vinyl window series. Both the Potomac-HP and the Fortis are considered good quality vinyl windows. Their entry level Georgetown is an okay window vinyl. The company is Maryland based and sells throughout the state and surrounding states using regional reps and dealers.

Read more on Vytex windows pricing.


Description: Wallside prices range from $189 to $350 fully installed for a single hung in a normal size opening. The company is based out of Michigan and sells their vinyl models throughout the state and in several surrounding states as well.

Read more on Wallside windows cost.


Description: Discover prices on many of Wincore window series and models. Find product information and performance numbers as well.

Read more on Wincore window prices.

Window Nation

Description: Discover Window Nation costs and prices on their replacement vinyl windows and options.

Read more on Window Nation pricing.

Window World

Description: Discover Window World pricing on their various options and deals they offer. We try to provide some baseline costs and explain the quality of the windows and products they use.

Read more on Window World prices.


Description: Windsor manufactures the Pinnacle wood clad, the Legend composite and the New Dimensions vinyl series. The company is best known as a wood and wood clad manufacture. Often, Windsor is used as the "economy" wood option at local dealers.

Read more on Windsor Pricing.

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Now Defunct Replacement Windows

Description: The following window companies are no longer in business. Consumers may be curious about the circumstances surrounding their bankruptcy etc.


Description: Affinity products range from $475 installed for the Advantage to $650 for the Elite installed for a standard sized double hung. Energex windows are made by Affinity and are marketed as a high end vinyl.

Read more on Affinity costs.


Description: Serious windows was a Sunnyvale, California based manufacturer that made vinyl and high end fiberglass series. The company experienced financial troubles during the 2009 - 2012 recession and was purchased (assets acquired) in September by Alpen High Performance Products out of Colorado.

Read more on cost of Serious windows.

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