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Read window reviews from contractors, homeowners and consumers on many manufacturers of replacement windows.

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Affinity Windows is no longer in business to the best of our knowledge.

Affinity offers three series with Elite being the top of the range. Then there is the Advantage and the Element. Each of these are designed on the same frame design with sash extrusion. As you can expect with each one as the price lowers so does all the additional features and options. ...

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Alliance is contractor grade quality. They aren't even a top choice, they're like the bargain version of a store brand. Because they're so cheap, a lot of contractors like using them...

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I have had Alpine in my house since 1995. After 14 years, the Alpines are a mess and I wish I'd gone with something else. They require too much service maintenance and new parts. To get service, you need to contact Alside and you won't have any help from their lifetime guarantee because those apparently are discontinued...

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In comparison to all the products I've seen out there (a lot), the Alside Excalibur doesn't make the grade. It's an ill made design and the manufacturing is lowsy. The key complaint for these windows is the air infiltration. Official testing hasn't shown very good results, and real-life installations are an even bigger nightmare...

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American Craftsman

If you were planning to rent out a property or flip a house, I guess I could see why you might choose this but it's not something you want on your own home. The Consumer Reports seem to have good things to say about these, but it's all baseless...

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American Exteriors

I had high hopes for these, but when they were being installed one of the frames got broken and the installer didn't bother to fix it. The measurements were off, so our end price was more expensive than the estimate as a result. Even worse, the warranty isn't being honored...

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American Jewel

Being a carpenter, I have had the opportunity of installing the AJ windows in tons of homes. I have heard poor reviews from some customers, but I actually enjoy working with them. I always find it really easy to reach customer support...

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American Vision

Andy, first off you have some good brands on offer so that's a start. That quote from American Vision seems quite high to me, even with their discount...

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Amerimax is a top choice and makes a good product. The majority of their products have super spacers, double strength glass and triple weather stripping along with other important features making them a better choice over...

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I was disappointed to find that Amsco don't offer a labor warranty. According to Amsco, the installers or dealers are responsible for the labor warranty, but looking at the dealers that offer these, their warranty is...

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When it came to installing replacements in my home I did extensive research into the Andersen Woodwright and 400 series. These windows both offer the safe features and quality, the only difference is the price with the Woodwright being a more affordable option, which helped me decide which was best for my home...

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Anlin enjoys a good reputation out West. There is a lot of debate as to whether Migard or Anlin is the better product, personally I believe they both make good windows and are very similar. They are both sturdy, visually appealing and durable...

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I haven't worked with the Atrium Pro View, but I've installed some of their other products. You'll hear some stuff about how bad they are, but a lot of that is prejudiced people who think low prices have to mean low quality. A lot of what they manufacture is...

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BF Rich

We were more than happy to replace the horrible thermapanes in our newly bought house with BF Rich products. There was a bit of a mess after the install, which probably could have been avoided and done better. The verdict on the models and series themselves is good...

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I am based in Los Angeles and install a large number of Cascade and Empire Pacific products. I find there are no problems when it comes to the warranty or service. They are always delivered on time and they are well priced for what you get. They are definitely one of the...

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I have an estimate from Castle Windows at $350 per window with a lifetime warranty. Other quotes include Tri State Window Factory at $500 and JJ Windows and Door for Pella wood clad windows at $800 a window.

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We're in the process of adding an addition to my home in Connecticut and I am trying to decide between CertainTeed and Harvey. At the moment the house has CertainTeeds which are from the early 2000's and I am not sure they still make them. Whatever I put in the addition must match the rest of the...

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I am pretty happy with my recent purchase of five Champion replacements. They are durable and even though they were the more expensive option, I think it was a good investment. The installation process was easy and completed on time and I find they have strong locks...

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> Crestline is the cheapest by a considerable margin of the quotes I've recieved. Some of the quotes are charging me extra for gas fills, color choices and foam insulation. Menards seems to have a lot of complaints regarding their warranty, but in my experience I've never had any problems with them in the past...

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I recommend Eagle if you want a selection of color options. They have fifty basic color choices and a range of custom lines, they also have an aluminum exterior. What I like about these windows is that there are custom grids, a range of options and finishes including stylish wood options...

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What many people don't know is that Feldco sold the business about six years ago after running for thirty years. Be aware that this company does not make their own vinyl models, in fact they buy them from Thermal Industries. Even though this is the case, their service isn't too bad...

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Well we went ahead with the Gerkins and I had them installed six months ago, they look really good. I am impressed with their customer service and the fact there is a real person on the other end of the line. The only problem I had was one of the screens was bent, but they sorted that out for me...

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I can't say anything bad about Gilkey, they have a good customer service team and a good warranty. I have always found their windows to be durable and sturdy and even though I don't' like the Heat Mirror line, they do make a different to energy costs, helping keep them to a minimum...

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I work with a lot of windows and I would suggest you choose Gorells, even at their slightly higher price. For the price you can get a better quality product with a superior warranty and great customer service. If you are unsure of the windows get some more quotes, there are a lot of great ones to choose from...

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Great Lakes

I have always heard good reviews when it comes to Great Lakes. Many people like the Grandview which is good quality for the price and even though they have some problems with the seal, a new glass is sent quickly...

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Harvey has a good name here in Massachusetts and they are affordable. Being so close to our area there isn't any expensive shipping charges. There are no shortage of installers and dealers to choose from, all of them work with...

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You have a great selection but personally I would choose the HiMark 800, they are better than the 400 and a quality model over the others you have estimates on. They offer great energy efficiency, the have superior design, quality and appearance...

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Hurd was a great product and then they changed the wood in the 1980's and experienced some serious setbacks which included rot. They hired the Andersens engineer a few years ago and since then the newer lines are good quality without the rot problem and are considered a...

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My husband and I have decided it's time to replace ours at home. I've been doing some homework on the Ideal UltraWeld which was recommended by one of our friends and they said these would be great to replace the current double hungs....

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Inline makes a very solid product if you can find someone who sells them near you - in your case, you are close in proximity and obviously don't have that problem. Their fiberglass extrusions are some of the best out there...

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Jeld Wen

I live in a small town where we have Jeld-Wen, Andersen and Pella showrooms all squashed into a few roads. I personally like the Jeld-Wens, I have always found their service and product to be very good when it comes to performance and visual appeal....

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I am impressed with the Kolbes I have seen, the problem is the interior cream color which is rather strange. While the price may be high, they are good...

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However we learned that our contractor is planning to install 15 Krestmark series 200/275 single hung windows at a cost of around $680 per window.

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I have never had problems with the Lincoln and I have been installing them for over ten years. The most common installations are the thermopanes which is a wood with metal cladding. Out of the thousands I have installed I've only had a ...

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I don't hesitate when selling Loewen and Marvin, I believe them both to be great products even though Loewen is a smaller company. The trick is to find a dealer that can offer all the customer service for you. I would get a quote for both of these...

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If you're looking for a great replacement, the Marvin Infinity should be on your list. I spent a lot of time looking at different series and models and comparing them last fall. There was only one dealer close by that had Marvins, but I didn't like their sales tactics...

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I live in the L.A. area and have heard good things about Milgard windows. They have never to my knowledge had any quality control issues. They are good on service calls and make a nice, if rather plain, model...

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Comfort Window is a new window being offered by MI Industries. Apparently they are an improvement over MIs we have seen in the past. I am sure you can find worse than these when looking to replace your...

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When it comes to casements, you cannot beat the Okna Starmark. They have three layers of Q-Lon weatherstripping. Another advantage of the Starmark is that their casements have tandem rollers located on the sill, so the sash closes with ease. The multi-point locking hardware is a great choice which uses...

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I put Paradigm in the same category as the Simonton 5500, BF Rich Cabernet and the CertainTeed Brymawr III series. They use the Duralite system for the glazing which offers a tax credit. Overall Paradigm have a really good company review with homeowners and dealers alike...

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Pella windows looks more durable than the Crestline. But Crestline definitely comes with a good U factor of .29. I am waiting to see what other people write on their experiences before making a

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Ply Gem

PlyGems are a decent middle of the range product, but there are better choices out there. In order to determine whether the price you have been quoted is good or not, you need to take any options and extras into consideration, such as the glass package, color and whether they are insert windows or complete tear outs. You can't really go wrong with the triple pane windows, keep an eye out because PlyGem sometimes offer a free upgrade to triple pane from time to time.

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I like the Okna 500 Series, the Sunrise Verde or Vanguard, Soft-Lite Imperial Pro LS, Thermaweld from Polaris and Gorell 5100. Cut costs per window by going with normal hardware instead of brushed nickel etc -- go with a good glass package...

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If price is a deciding factor and with such a large difference in price, I would suggest you go with the PGT windows. The PGT is a good product and I have had plenty of experience with them, in fact I sell more PGT windows than...

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I recently saw the new ProVia Aeris on their website and I must say they look really good. These are a hybrid uPVC window similar to the OKNA Starmark series. ProVia have said that they are priced close to other wood clads. I will only be able to say how good they are once I have actually seen one and installed it.

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I spend a lot of time researching companies and chose the Reliabilt Survivor 7100 series. I ordered them last weekend for my entire house because the Reliabilt 5600 were compared...

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Renewal By Andersen

We did consider Renewal by Anderson, but they were very expensive, almost five times more than the other brands. It's tough to say if they are a good value of not...

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The Revere Berkshire is identical to the Alside Excalibur. Revere buys the windows from Alside and slaps their brand sticker on it - not uncommon in the window industry...

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Serious certainly offers a very nice window that has excellent energy efficienvy, but whether it's worth the stiff replacement window pricing that they charge...

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Silverline is an Andersen owned company that focuses on a lower end or builder grade vinyl window. I would say that if you stick with their top end product, you are probably fine. However, anything...

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Simonton is like the Ford of replacement windows, they aren't the flashiest things on the market but they certainly get the job done. They are well priced out and I think offer good value for the money...

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The Soft-Lite Imperial LS is a great model and is relatively close to the Elements LS. $5300 is a fantastic deal on 11 Imperial LS - (assuming they are normal sized openings). That being said, you may want to consider getting...

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Initially, the Sunrise quote was almost double the Lowes quote, but I really liked the look and durability of the Sunrise models. They were obviously better made and had this beautiful brushed nickel hardware on the casements...

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Here in Los Angeles I'd recommend Superior, which are made in Hayward and seem to be good (again nothing fancy). I've had good success with them....

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I have received numerous quotes for double hungs in my home. After ready reviews and taking each quote into consideration I have chosen the Stanek and Gorell Timeless Series. Does anyone have any views on which I should choose for double hungs?

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Thermal Industries

I would place Thermal Industries in the middle to higher grade category. They are good models, but there are better options available which comes with more features you can choose from. I have their sunroom and I must say it's airtight and I have no complaints...

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I can recommend United, they are popular in New Jersey and are durable. In fact they are what I have used on my own home...

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Vinylmax is a family business and are growing constantly. They only do replacement windows and concentrate on that to offer you quality. Recently I put a Hyde Park window into a family member's property and it is great. They offer great R-values and low air infiltration numbers...

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Vista is based in three locations throughout the US, Oklahoma, Georgia and Ohio. I have done extensive research on their products and have found they offer excellent quality for the price and I would say they are worth it.

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In my personal opinion Viwincos are typical "builder grade" vinyl product which offer low quality and performance. Many contractors choose these because you can get them at your local Home Depot store and enable the contractor to offer a reasonable quote which is appealing to home owners. I would put Viwinco in the same category as...

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I have only had my new replacements in a few weeks and I am so impressed with the noise reduction that they offer. I haven't been able to notice their energy efficiency yet, that is still to come, though I am expecting some reduction in my utility bill. While the double hungs work really...

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I called Wallside and they replaced the my old ones within a few weeks. I bought another ten replacements in 2005 and just bought another ten a few months ago. Wallsides are affordable though I always get a number of quotes, but I do think they are good value for money...

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I added twenty custom replacements to my property using the Weathershield aluminum clad option and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them. They are durable and well made. At the same time I added some laminated noise control windows which also worked well. I did notice some of them didn't have enough foam behind the sashes...

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I just spend some time with a salesman who came to show me the Wincore series. I had a look at the 5400 and 7700, the 7700 was about twenty percent more expensive. The 7700 series has a 7/8 inch space between the glass and...

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Window World

The great thing about the Window World options is that the customer is in control of the price, which means if you're working to a budget, these are a fantastic choice. You can have a complete window installed for about $189, as long as you manage the disposal. They have loads of add-ons, which you then pay extra for.

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Windows USA

David, I don't know anything about Windows USA. The first entry that came up when I googled them was a complaints board page that had a pretty extensive complaint session...

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Frame Types And Materials

Composite Frames

Comparing composite frames and vinyl ones, you'll find that a composite or PVC frame will be more stable when it comes to temperature than the vinyl options. Don't get me wrong, a good vinyl window will be stable, except the PVC has resistance to heat. I'm excited about the new ranges of PVC windows coming out...

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Vinyl Frames

Explore and browse vinyl reviews from knowledgable contractors, installers and homeowners on some of the most populars brands, models and options available.

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Wood Clad

Explore wood clad window reviews and find out which brands, models and options are recommended by homeowners, contractors and industry insiders.

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